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Remedies for Relieving Your Post-Election Stress

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eye-609987_1920If  the USA presidential election has left you feeling numb, nauseated, or discombobulated from post-election stress, you may find recovery for yourself (and your children) among these suggestions. 

Read a great book

Publishers Weekly asked booksellers around the country what books they’re recommending to their customers.


Repeat these 5 affirmations

 Suzanne Bold, cbs12.com


11 More Things You Can Do Now

Diana Pearl, People.com/Politics


Try controlled breathing

Lesley Alderman, NY Times


Imagine the country moving forward

Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt shares his vision on a TED Talk


Make rules for family gatherings and cut back on watching news

Ask the Expert


Learn to laugh

Nira Berry, life coach and laughter therapist

and of course I recommend that you

Get a copy of my coloring book for adults for the best way to relieve post-election stress
Color Your Life Happy Coloring Book for Adults

Imagine as an adult, returning to totally stress free moments joyfully colouring without a care in the world as you did as a child. No need to imagine. This delightful colouring book for adults provides an opportunity to go back to that innocent playful time along that also includes positive suggestions to access those precious moments for the present.” Excerpt from a review


What stress-relieving activities have worked for you? Share in Speak Your Mind below.



  1. Thank you for this much needed post. In addition to these great ideas, volunteering or practicing acts of kindness usually help me relieve stress or feeling upset.

    • Practicing acts of kindness and volunteering will get us through many upsets. They help the recipient and us.

  2. Forget thinking about election happenings,life must go on. We can’t do anything about it. Just focus on the things you have right now.

    • Hi Ivan,

      You’re absolutely right. Focusing on the things we have and being grateful for them will move us forward.
      Thanks for speaking your mind.

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