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Color Your Life Happy
Create Your Unique Path and Claim the Joy You Deserve


paperbackbookstanding_849x1126(2)Color Your Life Happy is based on the premise that happiness results when we make choices in keeping with our higher purpose and draw lessons and strength from sadness, grief, and adversity to create our own unique path. Amid inspirational quotes and highlights of research from the fields of science and psychology, as well as teachings from seekers of spiritual enlightenment, we get engaging glimpses into how Brown’s upbringing during years of fierce racial segregation influenced her view of life.

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You will be inspired by personal stories of how Brown worked through difficult times and used creativity, fun, and determination to reach her goals. Far from being a dark story, she shares how she and her husband harmonized raising four children with their careers. She will discourage you from trying to be perfect and urge you to let go of the guilt and toxic people who may be blocking you from reaching your goals. Brown offers loads of tips, tools, and resources for working through life’s challenges to help you find the confidence to create your unique path and claim the joy you deserve.


  • Chapter 1—Opening Your Mind to Happiness
    There are many ways to look at and approach becoming happier. Examine the problems with happiness.  Discover the common traits shared by happy people.
  • Chapter 2—Preparing Your Mind for Happiness
    Becoming happier is going to bring positive changes to your life. It may also bring negative reactions from those around you. Discover the role discontent plays in bringing about change. Discover and question your beliefs.
  • Chapter 3—Embracing Happiness
    What are the differences between optimism and pessimism?  You must get comfortable with happiness before you can have it.
  • Chapter 4—Making Happiness a Way of Life
    Discover the everyday things that will improve the quality of your life, deepen your joy and carry out your life purpose. Then bring happiness into your everyday presence.
  • Chapter 5—Taking Responsibility for Your Happiness
    Set your goals, chop them into manageable pieces and view delays and setbacks as learning experiences. Gather the resources to help you experience success and always keep the key to your happiness in your own pocket.
  • Chapter 6–Simplifying Your Life for Happiness
    Discover how enjoying simple pleasures, being kind to yourself and others can ensure happiness and enhance your life.
  • Chapter 7—Harmonizing Family and Work
    Create harmony in your life and work by taking care of yourself first and then making family the center.
  • Chapter 8—Handling Change and Bouncing Back from Adversity
    Discover how others have coped with change and recovered from inevitable adversity and then select the ideas that can work for you.
  • Chapter 9—Honoring Your Inner Leader
    Uncover, honor and respect the qualities within you that make you a leader.
  • Chapter 10–Connecting the Dots
    Evaluate the advice and ideas you’ve explored. Select and incorporate the ones that resonate with your values and goals.

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Editorial Review
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite
Color Your Life Happy: Create Your Unique Path and Claim the Joy You
Deserve is a motivational self-help book written by Flora Morris Brown,
Ph.D. The author, a Professor Emerita of Critical Thinking, is an author,
speaker and publishing coach. She’s also the mother of four children, who
she had and raised while she was working and going to school to pursue
her academic degrees. Brown got her idea about writing this book while
listening to televangelist Joel Osteen exhort his audience to claim their
joy. It started her thinking about how we should proceed to make our
lives happy ones. She began writing a blog where she’d invite her readers
to ask questions, and she’d share stories from her life, including how the
choices she made led to a happier life. As her blog grew, she began to
research the growing trend of positive psychology and the sudden interest
in happiness. It hadn’t always been a popular topic; happiness, and the
children of parents raised during the Great Depression were pushed into
careers and life paths that were not necessarily conducive to that state.
Brown’s book shows readers how to understand what happiness is, how to
embrace it and how to make it their own. There are often lifestyle
changes one has to consider in the quest for happiness. Some are simple,
like getting organized or finding a new passion, but others are more
challenging as Brown discusses in her work. She includes an appendix with
an extensive list of recommended readings and an index.
This book  had me thinking of the author as a friend, mentor and confidant
by the time I had finished her opening chapters. Brown is honest, outspoken
and extremely generous in sharing her life stories with her audience. As a
fellow baby boomer, I wryly smiled at her references to the rather grim parenting
methods of the 1950s, and I applauded her efforts to be one of those
parents who did not continue the trend of harsh child-rearing, opting for a
more joyful and humane approach. Her book is filled with ideas on how to
start adding happiness to your life, from tiny steps to whopping big life
changing ones, but they’re all sound and quite inspiring. You might want
to bear in mind that the author had her fourth child while working on her
Ph.D., giving her nearly super-human stature in my mind, but I think
that’s part of the magic in this book. You can color your life happy, and
you can do it relatively easily. First step is reading this engaging and
beautifully written book. Color Your Life Happy: Create Your Unique Path
and Claim the Joy You Deserve is most highly recommended.


“Flora Morris Brown has covered four problems with happiness that should be a guideline for each and every one of us. Her book, ‘Color Your Life Happy’ is not about how you can buy happiness, win happiness or be given happiness. Happiness is within all of us and Flora has given us the basic tools to create our own, through a positive attitude, gratitude and close relations. The rest is up to you. Jim EdmonsonA must read for helping turn your life around.”

Jim Edmundson, Author
BULLETS I’VE DODGED’ (and other fun I’ve had)

Shannon S. Carlson“In our society, Joy, one of the most basic emotions, seems both desirable and hard to attain. Flora Brown uniquely addresses how to uncover inner joy and enthusiastically provides creative tools to keep the reader craving more.”

Shannon S. Carlson, Author
How to Achieve Happiness and Inspire Integrity Within



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