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Enjoy Your Climb or What’s a Journey For?

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“It makes no difference how many peaks you reach if there was no pleasure in the climb.”

We’ve heard this expressed many ways. Some say stop and smell and roses or the best part of the journey is what you see along the way. But why are these things true?

By observing the things along the way we appreciate the destination so much more.

Have you ever heard someone recount the fun they had camping, for example? The best part is their account of getting lost, finding their way, choosing the best resting spot or encountering critters who decided to enjoy the campsite as well. If you don’t enjoy the things that lead up to your destination, you’re likely to be singing “Is that all there is?” because you missed the juicy part.

By feeling the exhiliration of a journey, our joy at the end is intensified.

When I was returning from visiting my oldest daughter I had planned to read a book on my flight. It was a great book, but because I chose a window seat I decided to enjoy the view instead. When we left San Jose the sky was overcast, but as soon as the plane reached its altitude we were floating on meringue clouds. I was in awe thinking about what an amazing creation our planet is with its many features depending on the perspective from which you view it. Wow!

Later as I waited for my luggage at the turnstile, I felt so peaceful and thankful to have absorbed nature’s beauty.

By observing and making note of our activities along the way, we build skills for future events and journeys.

Take going to school, for example. The classes that challenge you to stretch your mind and learn new techniques are the ones that best prepare you for not only future classes, but other life tasks and challenges as well.

Each time I must stretch my abilities to learn how to master even a small task with my websites and blogs, for example, I’m better prepared for the next challenge. While I sometimes get frustrated and even break into tears over garbled code that stands between me and a new blog theme, I have learned that I won’t die from it. Once when moving to a new host, I lost a blog with years of rich content. (That felt like a death for a few minutes.)  I lived to meet another challenge and accepted it as a part of the process.

What about you? Have you tried one of these ways to enjoy your climb and your trip to your goal? Tell us about how you overcame a fear or met a challenge.


  1. My biggest challenge was finding, lighting, and setting up a space to create my monthly videos.

    Recognizing the importance of videos within a marketing strategy, I had to achieve this goal as quickly as possible while reminding myself throughout the process that I was achieving the best-possible result, not perfection.

    Thankfully, I found several videos online that helped me with the process, and a friend who understands lighting techniques was also helpful. Now my videos are recorded in a well lit, dedicated space and are available on time every month for my followers.

    • Hi Shirley,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I struggle with wanting everything perfect before I begin a project too. With that mindset, I’d never accomplish anything.

      Congratulations for moving ahead with a satisfactory resolution.

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