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Avoid Regrets by Making Time for Your Happiness

When asked on their deathbeds what they regret, people often mention opportunities they missed out of fear, hesitance, or too much time spent working and earning money. Avoid letting this happen to … [Continue reading…]

Celebrate “Color Your Life Happy Day”–Make Happiness a Habit

Did you make New Year's resolutions?If you stuck to them, congratulations. If you're like most of us, however, those resolutions evaporated from your consciousness in a few weeks.Regardless of how you … [Continue reading…]

Coloring Books for Adults are Popular , but Where Do You Fit In?

 Coloring books, once a favorite pastime for children, have captivated adults around the world. Regardless of what you feel about this phenomenon, coloring books for adults have pushed their way … [Continue reading…]

What does your Christmas tree say about you?

Christmas tree decorating

It wasn't until I read a post by another blogger about her less-than-perfect Christmas tree, that I began to reflect on my own tree story.My mother and father always put up our tree on Christmas Eve … [Continue reading…]

Holiday Memories Can Boost Happiness Year-Round [Excerpt from Color Your Life Happy]

¬†When we think back to holiday memories, even ones that were frustrating at the time, we can boost our happiness year-round. Our memories soften and sweeten over the years and sometimes become … [Continue reading…]