If You Want to Be Great, Serve

Dr.-KingCelebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day takes many forms for many people. I’d like to focus on his call to all of us to serve. In his speech, “The Drum Major Instinct,” he said that if you want to be great, serve. Regardless of background, education and ethnicity we can all serve others and in so doing help ourselves and all of humankind

We must all earn a living, but serving others must come first. Just as King filled a void when he spoke out for justice and freedom, so must we fill a void with the product or service we offer, as well as the lives we lead.

There are infinite ways to earn a living in this world. The career or business we each choose must be the one that fills a need within others and brings deep satisfaction to us.

To serve, King points out, all you need is a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love. Thankfully, these things are within everyone’s reach. To tap into them all you have to do is ask for them, believing that they are yours.

May Martin Luther King Jr. Day be a reminder to you to live your life from your heart and soul, and serve those around you with integrity and joy.