Get a Buddy or Coach for Motivation and Productivity

Photo by crossfitpeachtree on flickr

Photo by crossfitpeachtree on flickr

Even the most industrious of us can benefit from an occasional push to get or keep us going.

My efforts to get out and walk for exercise, for example, were sporadic until I joined a neighbor who walks her dog. We both were happy to join forces because it’s just easier to show up when someone else is expecting you. Even though we have had days when one or the other has to cancel because of our schedules or vacations,  we have rolled with the changes and consider our walk as a priority.

One of my writing goals was to create quality articles frequently and in a more timely manner. When I heard of Jeff Herring’s 100 Articles in 100 Days Challenge I jumped on board and began to churn out articles faster using his videos, ideas and the camraderie of the other participants. There were no prizes  other than the gratification and sharpened skills at the finish line in July 2009.

In the early stages of writing my book, Color Your Life Happy, I worked with a motivational coach who gave me ideas and encouragement, and was my accountability partner. As I moved closer to the later phases I hired a publishing coach who gave me more specific tips, guidance, inspiration and again, was my accountability partner.

Why does coaching help?

Look at the top achievers in the world, such as Tiger Woods and Tony Robbins and others in sports and entertainment. Even though they live their passion and enjoy dream lives, they have coaches. As a matter of fact, I didn’t make as much progress in my own coaching and writing career until I hired a coach.

Is coaching for you?

Are you working toward a goal and pursuing your passion? Do you sense that you could use an accountability partner, a sounding board and a gentle guide. I urge you to consider getting a coach or buddy to help you stay motivated and increase your productivity.

I have a few coaching slots available in my practice. I’d be delighted to help you set priorities, make action plans and achieve the success you deserve. Get a complimentary session, then decide. Learn more here.