What Still Cracks You Up?

CB026221I was collecting happiness flashbacks to include in my upcoming book, Color Your Life Happy. It was amazing that decades later these stories still crack me up.

For example

My husband was usually mild-mannered and often chided me for being too loud and forceful. But one day, when two middle children were in a heated and almost combative dispute, he burst out ”CONTROL YOUR TEMPER!”

First, there was a moment of silence, then we all burst into laughter over the irony of it all.

Another example

My son rode a school bus during 5th grade that picked him up from our neighborhood and took him to a magnet school about 12 miles away. Whenever we were out driving about town on weekends, he was always convinced that his bus passed many intersections that it could not have possibility passed.

He would insist, ” My bus stops here.”

If his bus had stopped at all the places he thought, he would never have gotten to school. It became such a family joke that now no matter where we travel in the world, we say “Herbert’s bus used to stop here.”

Recalling those moments that made you laugh in the past can serve to give you another burst of laughter today. What’s great about this is it lifts your spirits and adds a sparkle to your day. Try it.

What memories still crack you up?

Based on a March 2009 post