Anti-Valentine Day Sentiment is Bonanza for Goodwill

Heart by Gabriela Camerotti on flickr

Heart by Gabriela Camerotti on flickr

While many are scampering to gather gifts, flowers and candy to give loved ones on Valentine’s Day, others are ready to dump items that recall memories of relationships gone awry.

Just in time, one Goodwill created a campaign encouraging you to donate those unwanted mementos to them. The Colonial Park, PA Goodwill was accepting rings, monogrammed towels, and wedding gowns yesterday at their Dump Your Ex’s donation drive.

While this is the first drive of this kind for Goodwill, it is common for Goodwill to accept a wide variety of items year round that are unwanted in the wake of relationships that have ended for various reasons.

So, if you have leftover items, especially valuables, and were wondering what to do with them, donate them to Goodwill and remove the clutter from your home and heart. 

Be forewarned:  Goodwill is not accepting mattresses, firearms and homemade porn.