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Two Actions That Will Make You Happier

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orchestra conductor by sogolitta on flickr

orchestra conductor by sogolitta on flickr

Being happier requires taking action, but it’s the action we take on the inside that makes the difference. Two actions are essential: Bring your inner critic under control and turn up your intuition. These two actions will guide you to your higher self, the best life you were meant to live.

Intuition is a knowing of what is true and right without anyone telling you. When intuition puts you in touch with your higher self you feel at peace, content, even in the midst of a difficult situation. Have you ever, even if for only a moment, felt more loving, felt your own power and greatness? If so, you were in touch with your higher self.

Some people call intuition hunches, sixth sense, or the little voice. Whatever you call it, we all have it though it’s better developed in some than in others because they’ve practiced. Have you ever had a hunch to do something that worked out well for you? You probably couldn’t explain the source of that thought, but you knew it was the right and good thing to do. Perhaps you’ve heard of someone cancelling a flight because they heard an inner voice that told them to do so.

Unfortunately we have given our inner critic so much more attention that it drowns out our intuition. The best way to get in touch with your intuition is shut off the inner chatter, making the inner critic get quiet. It’s then that you can hear your inner voice or intuition.

This is tough to do without physically sitting still and shutting off those thousands of thoughts that race through our heads everyday. Some achieve this through meditation, others through self-hypnosis, others through listening to soothing music.

There are many meditation exercises available that can guide you through the process of breathing properly to facilitate getting in touch with your intuition. Practicing getting to your higher self is not dependent on your belief in any religion or deity, since your intuition is without denomination. The more you practice getting in touch with your intuition, the more you will be able to tackle the adversities that come your way, form the relationships you desire and create the inner joy and happiness you want.

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