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Everyone wants happiness, but most of us experience only small snatches of short-term pleasure, while longing for lasting inner joy. Drawing from findings of positive psychology and ancient truths, I packed each chapter with a unique mix of practical advice, creative activities, poetry, anecdotes and colorable cartoons.

Color Your Life Happy is not a one-size-fits-all approach since each of us experiences happiness in our way. It offers hope for those who feared that they would have to go through a major life overhaul to be happy. Without requiring that we get rid of personal flaws or fix weaknesses, it gives ways to build on our strengths to make the choices that lead to a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Color Your Life Happy is based on the premise that the average baby is born equipped to be happy and joyful. Depending on our upbringing and circumstances, as we grow up this inborn joy is developed and flourishes or is discouraged and buried. Color Your Life Happy makes the reader aware that this inner joy is within reach and is a matter of making choices. No major life overhaul is required to carry out the suggestions and activities offered to meet challenges and cope with the inevitable obstacles and adversity. Change begins with one step.

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  1. Hi, Flora,

    Our paths have not crossed frequently, but whenever they have I have been so taken with your writing and your blog in general. Talk about a happy place! I’ve posted my last blog post (hope you’ll stop by), and I’ve visiting blogs that have had an impact on me these last few years to say thank you. So thank you! All the best to you always, Galen

    • Hi Galen,

      Thank you for stopping by my blog and being a positive force in pointing the way to happiness. You are smart to give yourself permission to take a break. I appreciate you.

  2. Nice book cover. Simple yet with impact

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