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Make Your Feet Happy and the Rest of You Will Follow

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happysocks“It takes a lot of confidence to wear those socks!” remarked a fellow customer at the beauty shop.

I laughed, “Not necessarily. Wearing these socks makes my feet happy. And when my feet are happy I feel good all over.”

Of course I realize that to some extent she was right. It did take confidence, or maybe just a lack of concern about what people think.

Part of this is hereditary.

My mother lived to be 92 and she certainly was concerned with doing the “right” thing in many ways, except fashion. She wore patterned nylons that went in and out of style at least twice over the years. When I see my youngest daughter wearing those patterned nylons, leggings, tights, I chuckle with delight.

So many people worry about what other people will think about what they wear and what they do, that it does take some confidence to do what you want without concern for others.

But I also see wearing my “happy” socks as an announcement to the Universe: these socks make me smile, put pep in my step and make me happy, whether anyone else likes it or not.

Being happy is about finding joy in simple things.

What simple thing makes you happy?

Remember that poem that starts “When I get old I shall wear purple?”

You don’t have to wait until you are old?

Wear happy socks or a wild tie or whatever makes you feel good all over.

My happy socks don’t have any magical power. They aren’t even expensive. They were $1 at one of my favorite stores. Their power is what my mind gives them and I give them a lot.

So, if you aren’t ready to embrace happiness all over, maybe you could just make your feet (or hands, or head,or other part) happy for now.

How about it?

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  1. Flora,

    Your socks gave me a smile so they are spending happiness and joy across the blogosphere. Clothes don’t really give me a happiness kick, but I’m glad this works for you and others.

    • Hi Sandra,

      You’re not alone. Many folks don’t get the kick from clothes the way I do. You haven’t even heard about my happy pajamas yet.
      I’m glad that my socks made you smile however.

  2. As you know I love color, in my textile biz I used to paint fabric and make clothes for people who liked to stand out from the crowd. I am sitting here in my licorice allsort skirt- too hot for socks here. Those socks are awesome- they remind me of my rainbow soaks I used to wear

    • Suzie,

      Too hot for socks? The folks on the east coast of the USA could use some of that heat today. Folks were standing out in VERY cold weather during our presidential inauguration.

      I’m glad you like my colorful socks. They’re fun.

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