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No matter how confident or successful you may feel, things will happen in your life that weaken your self-confidence.

  • Perhaps you just got laid off
  • You lost sight of your goal
  • You’re overwhelmed with choices
  • You don’t seem to have any desirable choices left
  • A friend or partner let you down

Knowing what to do at these times can get you unstuck, back on track, and moving toward your goals again.

That’s why I wrote Getting Unstuck: How to Get Your Confidence Back and Follow Your Dream

Using my experience and that of others, I share what has worked for us in an easy-to-read Kindle
version and priced this week for only 99cents.

Look at what people are saying in these excerpts from actual reviews:

  • “The title might seem like a big promise, but I found just today, following one of the suggestions in it,
    helped me get back on track, immediately.” JEP
  • “I now have useful actions I can take any time I need to move forward to reach my goals.” AG
  • “The author shares some proven steps to build up your confidence.” PZ
  • “Check out the chapter on gaining confidence based on failure. It’s a great reframe and that one chapter is worth the price of the book alone.”AA
  • “I am a big fan of personal development being a certified life coach and I have to say the chapter on intentional activity is pretty eye opening.” JI
  • “I really enjoyed this book. It’s a short read packed with useful strategies to get you unstuck and taking action toward your goals.”LP

If this seems like a good time for you or someone you know to discover how to get unstuck, get the Kindle version this week for only 99 cents.
Getting Unstuck: How to Get Your Confidence Back and Follow Your Dream

If you don’t have to own a Kindle device, no problem.
You can get a free app for your computer, tablet, or smartphone

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