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Friday Finds to Lift Your Life

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CBR001240Friday Finds are inspiring, informative, and sometimes just entertaining articles, blog posts, videos or other good stuff from around the Internet.

1. It Gets Better

Most of us were teased, ostracized , bullied or made to feel  “less-than”   in high school. Those who survived it found love and acceptance on the other side.From the Great Work Blog enjoy the moving stories from the It Gets Better series. http://www.boxofcrayons.biz/2011/05/how-it-gets-better/

2. Are You an Alpha Boomer?

I just learned of this new term applied to the fastest growing demographic in the US. Check it out at http://www.savoringyoursixties.com/part-of-this-hot-new-trend/http://www.savoringyoursixties.com/part-of-this-hot-new-trend/

3. Does Time Fly When You’re Having Fun or is It the Other Way Around?

Check out the 10 ways ours minds warp time– http://www.spring.org.uk/2011/06/10-ways-our-minds-warp-time.php

4. Can Joy and Fear Co-Exist?

Yes, says Leo Babauta. As a matter of fact, he joined them into one word. Read about it here to see if you can relate to this feeling –http://zenhabits.net/joyfear/

5. List of Gmail Shortcuts is Good, but Not Short

Lifehacker shares shortcuts to find whatever you need in your Gmail. Only problem: the list is not that short because there are loads of shortcuts. Check them out here http://lifehacker.com/5810601/how-to-find-every-shortcut-in-gmail


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