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Celebrate ‘Happiness Happens’ Month with a Smile, a Wave, a Good Deed and More

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Happiness Happens Month

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August is Happiness Happens Month, started by the Secret Society of Happy People in 1999. The group is no longer a secret since they boast over 46,000 “Likes” on Facebook. You can learn more about them and their creative activities on their website, http://www.sohp.com

The Society has three purposes for this month:

  • Recognize and express happiness
  • Listen to others talk about their happiness
  • Don’t rain on other people’s parades

These sound like some good ideas for any time of the year, but it won’t hurt to be extra mindful of creating your happiness this month.

Pamela Gail Johnson, founder of this day,  has come up with many creative ideas. Why not join her and the rest of us in the Happiness Happens 31 Day Challenge?
Download the calendar and get busy==>http://sohp.com/happiness-happens-month-31-day-challenge-calendar/

Some other ways you can celebrate

  • don a pair of silver shades (because happy people always see the silver lining)
  • laugh (laughter is still the best medicine)
  • smile (and the world smiles with you)
  • post on Twitter about what makes you happy, using the hashtag #HappinessHappens

What are some other ways you will celebrate this month?

  • Join me on August 9th in celebrating Color Your Life Happy Day, inspired by the memory of my mom, Mildred Morris
  • Make visiting my home page part of your celebrations at https://www.coloryourlifehappy.com and sign up to get updates on the 2nd edition of my book, Color Your Life Happy: Create the Success, Abundance and Inner Joy You Deserve

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