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Five People You Should Have in Your Life

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Photo by eecue on flickr

Photo by eecue on flickr

We are often encouraged to hang out with people who share our interests and activities. This is certainly a great idea and is a source of much fun.

When we widen our circle to include people who have different interests and areas of expertise, however, we increase the quality of our lives and deepen our happiness.

There are five people I believe we should all have in our lives.

1. The researcher

Whether you are shopping for a new car, the best coffee shop in town or a good tailor, the researcher can usually help you.
This person loves to search the Internet, network with people and keeps notes, business cards and relevant links.

One of my friends is so resourceful that I can count on her to either know a source, or seek one out on the computer while we are still on the phone.

The best thing about the researcher is that she has often tried out, read reviews and drilled down through stacks of information to get their final choice. This kind of friend will save you time, money, but most of all energy.

2. The computer geek

This person can not only answer your computer questions hands down, but loves doing it.

Think you’ve lost data, need help with setting up a new software or can’t understand that error message you’re getting?

The computer geek is delighted to solve the very computer issues that strike terror in your heart, sometimes with just a few words of advice by phone.

3. Devil’s advocate

This is the person who forces you to take another view of a problem or situation whether they believe in it or not. The benefit is when you examine a situation from a different angle you can often spot the weakness in it or see a better alternative.

When I was trying to decide on a new laptop, for example, I was set on certain features and could not see beyond them. But all of my features could not be found in any one model. By questioning the value of some of my must-haves, my friend helped me flush out the flaws in my thinking and loosen my rigid thinking.

By posing situations where one feature at a time was present or absent in a laptop, I was able to reorder my preferences to see which ones were most advantageous in most situations.

4. An experienced cook

Have you ever gotten ready to prepare a meal but realized you didn’t have the necessary ingredients?

Before you dash out to the store, call an experienced cook. This person can tell you exactly what to substitute for the missing ingredient or how to take your recipe in a different direction using what you have.

Or perhaps you are planning a dinner party but don’t want to risk springing an untried recipe on your guests. You can be sure of impressing your guests with just the right dishes by consulting the experienced cook in your circle. They will know the no-fail recipes and may even be able to give you presentation tips.

5. The entertainer

The entertainer knows how to make any occasion fun.

Planning a holiday party, a church social or a family reunion? No problem.

The entertainer has an arsenal of fun ideas and often even the games and accessories to go with them.

Need a helium tank to blow up balloons?

The entertainer owns one or know where to get one.

Need a dj?

The entertainer has one on speed dial.

These are the five people I think you should have in your life?

Did I leave out someone? What do you think?

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