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Celebrating Color Your Life Happy Day

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This makes me happy--BillieH. . .there was a time in my life that I said “me on a motorcycle….forget about it! Now I hop on every change I get and love to buy those cute Harley clothing!!!

The only requirement is you have to ride one too…..(smile)

This is what my friend and subscriber, Billie, shared about how she celebrated Color Your Life Happy Day.

Since I firmly believe that every day is a “new year” for each of us, and that we shouldn’t end one day without bringing joy to our lives, I decided to create Color Your Life Happy Day.

I selected my mother’s birthday, August 9th, as the appropriate date.

Thus this special celebration was created to encourage you to do something that makes you happy and also to honor the memory of my mother, Mildred S. Morris, who would have turned 100 years old this year. (She passed at age 92 in 2002.) She spent her life making people happy with her music. She played piano and organ from childhood through her mid 80’s for many churches, organizations and events. Everyone who ever heard her play was touched by her lively and fervent style.

Here is how my friend and subscriber, Nakia, celebrated.

Nakia's favorite book+In the midst of this crazy and hectic thing I call life, I’m getting back to the basics of a little self-indulgence- reading. And not only reading, but reading my all time favorite genre of fiction- Murder Mysteries!!!  After one year of being in OC, I finally made it down to the library and got my library card a cpl of weeks ago. Navigating through the library and learning of all of its amenities and services offered was just as exhilirating as the reading itself! Some days, I feel like curling up with a good book and drowning out all the noise in life. And I plan on having days like this from now on. You can say I’ve found a new lease on life and that I’ll be “Coloring My Life Happy” 🙂 Thanks for allowing me to share!

How about you?

You don’t have to wait for Color Your Life Happy Day to roll around again. You can begin right now by adding something that brings you joy each day. It doesn’t have to be something big by anyone else’s standards. Just be sure you choose what brings you joy, a smile, a laugh and a warm feeling of contentment.

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