On Happiness: Wacky Fun

ladylaughterI spent too much of my life being serious, planning everything carefully, dotting my “i’s”  and crossing my “t’s.”

In recent years I’ve decided to have more fun, to laugh more and encourage you to do the same.

One thing guaranteed to make you happier is laughter. Scientists have verified that laughter boosts immunity, lowers stress hormones, and relaxes our muscles, all of which have mental health and social benefits.

Beyond books, movies and comedians, there are many ways to bring laughter into your life, such as laughter clubs and laughter yoga.

Easier than all of those, however, is just finding things that make you laugh, wacky though it may be to others.

I found such as thing when I was reading a serious article by Editor of Publishing Executive, Noelle Skodzinski , about publishing and print. In it she mentions that she’ll read any format, print or digital, even  Word of the Day toilet paper, as long as it’s compelling.

What? Is there really such a toilet paper?

It was just enough of a challenge to send me off searching for this product that would be sure to be a conversation starter (or stopper) and certainly a unique item to add to my bathroom.

Since I love redecorating my main bathroom every quarter, this was a perfect quest for me.  Without a moment’s hesitation, I abandoned my serious to-do list,  mounted my steady steed, Google, and went off on a search.

WARNING: Before you wade into these toilet paper sites, please note that some of their themes may offend you although many will amuse you.

The first site I discovered, http://www.justtoiletpaper.com, has a wonderful selection of themed toilet paper, but I didn’t see Word of the Day. They did have Word Play (not to be confused with Words with Friends,) Sudoku, and a respectable monogrammed style that you can special order.

In my continued search for the Word of the Day roll, I found more websites with printed, customized and themed toilet paper.

I had a lot of  fun, but alas, I haven’t found the Word of the Day roll yet.

I’m counting on you to let me know when you find it, won’t you?