Something Bothering You? Maybe You Can Create the Solution

[This video features Startup Connecticut, a program to help new companies launch their innovative ideas.]

Who hasn’t been unnerved by the sudden onset of the hiccups?

If you hiccup for only seven times, you probably move on with your life just mildly annoyed. If they
continue far beyond that or visit you frequently, however, you likely have searched for a cure.

Meet Mallory Kievman, a 13-year-old who has cooked up a cure for hiccups that just may stick:
Hiccupops, a lollipop made up of apple cider vinegar and sugar. (I know what you’re thinking,
your grandma was on to these ingredients. But did she put make them into lollipops?)

Mallory’s invention was first unveiled at an invention convention in Connecticut. Mallory’s idea is not
just child’s play. She wants to be a doctor one day and created this product, not only to solve her
own hiccup problem, but to help give relief to cancer patients often beset with hiccups as a result
of chemotherapy.

Even though she has gained much attention and enlisted the aid of a team of MBA students to help
her create her company, there are still challenges ahead. While angel investors are eager to embrace
projects that promise cures for common ailments, product testing will be one of the first hurdles.

Learn more about Mallory and her lollipops here, and here. The video above shows Mallory as
part of her state’s Startup program.

Have you been bothered by a common ailment or problem and thought of a solution? If so, take
inspiration from Mallory to share your solution with the rest of us. Your state may even have help
for you as part of a state startup effort.

Tell us your idea in the Comments.