Enjoy These Weekend Fun and Functional Finds


What’s more fun than scrounging around on the weekend and discovering some great finds.

Some folks go to garage sales.

I snooped around the Internet.

Here are few unique items I uncovered:





1. The hop!

If you travel a lot, you know that lost luggage can take the fun out
of a trip. A suitcase thatĀ  follows you around via Bluetooth, however, will be hard to lose. The hop is still in prototype, but if it solves this age-hold problem it’ll be worth the

2. Jet Blue Election Protection

If your candidate doesn’t win in the upcoming election, you may feel like leaving
the country. Jet Blue wants to make that happen for you. But you need
to vote with them first.Go here to learn about your free trip, if you need it
that is.

3. The Wikoda Sunflower

How about a garden mirror that tracks the sun?

This is a gadget I could put to use right away. I would love to have
a lush garden, but the location of my plants to sun is not always
conducive to keeping my garden green. Check out this device at
but be forewarned, you will need to have some negotiable
green to be able to afford it.


4. The Beam Toothbrush

This product is going to make my dentists ecstatic.
It’s a nonelectric toothbrush that features sensors in the handle
that transmit data wirelessly to smartphones with the Beam app installed.
The app collates data, creates an easy-to-understand chart and can provide
dentists with a detailed cleaning history. It’s safe for children and
adults and is affordable.


5. The Joey Bra

This product is way behind the times. Many grandmas figured out how to
transport keys and money in theirĀ  bras over 100 years ago.

But if you want the cutesy version where you can store your cell phone, ID
and more, then this may be just the piece of underwear for you. There must
be a lot of ladies who didn’t have my type of grandma because this bra sold
out during its first run.

6. Weed Dating

Just when you thought we didn’t need another dating service, here’s
weed dating. Single young farmers get to meet each other in speed dating
fashion while working side by side in the fields.


There you have it! Did you find any interesting gadgets or services this weekend? Tell us about it in the Comments.

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