Want to Be Happier? Challenge Yourself

ultimateblogMany of us want to be happier, to experience more joy and fulfillment, and yet muddle around day after day in the same routine.

It’s certainly comforting having a schedule and structure to your life. But if you never step outside of it, vary it or stretch it, then you are likely to begin to feel trapped, lose momentum or worse, experience the “blahs.”

Even doing some of the things you enjoy can result in a slump without a kick to keep your engines revved up. After all, as humans, we are most energized and sparked when we are challenged, when we have a goal toward which we’re working.

When I began this blog it was a big boost to enter a blog challenge because it motivated me to write a blog post every day for 30 days. By continuing that momentum I had over a hundred posts in a few months. When I realized how much I had written, I decided to use those posts as the foundation of my book, Color Your Life Happy: Create the Abundance, Success and Inner Joy You Deserve.

During another challenge I wrote 25 articles in ten days before the last days of the year. It was exhilirating to push myself to get those articles done and posted.

Now I’ve just joined another blog challenge, the Ultimate Blog Challenge, that begins today.

If you are a blogger and want to give your blog a boost, why not join us. Here are the top five reasons others have joined.

#5 – Set an example for their clients!
#4 – Create a daily habit!
#3 – Reading other peoples posts!
#2 – Make connections (Interact) with other amazing people!

Come back tomorrow to check out my next post.