My Favorite Three Words

The Puzzle is slowly coming together by Michael.DK. from Flickr

The Puzzle is slowly coming together by Michael.DK. from Flickr

There are many three-word phrases that delight people:

I love you and Paid in full are two that come to mind.

Three of my favorites are No Assembly Required.

Whether I’m shopping for furniture, home decor or appliances, I am thrilled to see those three words. They mean that I can take my purchase home and begin using it right away.

My love of these three words extends to people too.

I just love people who are so well adjusted that there is No Assembly Required. They are ready to go as is.

I’m referring to people who are fun to be with, easy going, comfortable in their own skin, guided by integrity, have a great sense of humor, are comfortable with all types of people and always leave you feeling better than when they arrived.

Let’s face it. There are some people who clearly seem to need some assembly. What’s worse, some of the necessary parts are missing.

You realize, of course, that I’m not talking about physical parts.

I’m referring to people who are missing common sense, goals, sense of humor, and many other features I consider important.  I call them No Assembly Required (NARs)

The problem with people who need assembly is that they make withdrawals from your emotional bank account without making any deposits.

When I’m with a No Assembly Required (NAR) I don’t have to worry about tripping over her unresolved baggage, or tiptoeing around his tender ego. We have fun laughing or just being quiet together.

When I’m attracted to a guy it’s not his smile, muscles or charisma that attract me.  I’m looking at him and thinking, hmm, No Assembly Required.

NARs are great. May you always attract them. May you be one.

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