You are Not Fine!

Mel Robbins, author, speaker, criminal lawyer, wife and mom, amazing career and relationship expert, wrote “Stop Saying You’re Fine” to alert us to how to get what we want. It begins by abandoning that word “FINE.” When we say “fine” we are saying we’ve settled for not getting what we want. If we had what we wanted in our lives we would be “fantastic” or “very frustrated” at not having it. When Mel spoke at TEDxSF recently she pointed out the whimpy word “FINE” is our problem. With scientists calculating the odds of any one of us being born as one in 400 trillion, each of us is here for reason. If we are not living a fantastic life it’s because we’ve settled for fine. Watch her talk on the video below and give me your take on it. Better yet, do what she suggests at the end, then tell us about it in the comments below. 5-4-3-2-1. Do it now!