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What Parents and Students Must Know About Getting into College

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karengracebakerGetting into college seems a lot tougher these days than it was for us baby boomers a few decades ago. To better understand what it takes to navigate the college admission process I recently interviewed Karen Grace Baker, educational strategist and President of Right College Choice.

Karen pointed out a number of reasons that getting into college has gotten more challenging.

1. 67% of high school graduates are headed to college, up from 50% in the past.
2. More international students, especially from India and China, are now actively seeking US educations.
3. Technology has made it possible for students to apply to many more colleges at one time than in the past.
4. The economic downturn as resulted in more adults returning to school to complete degrees or make career changes.

It was surprising to learn that the time to begin to prepare for college is middle school, a lot earlier than many parents realize. And the preparation should be taking the math classes early on that will prepare students for college across the board, rather than preparing for specific majors or careers.

Instead of seeking colleges based on prestige or popularity, Karen stressed the importance of choosing colleges that are the right fit based on the student’s personality, learning style, and activities.

While money is a big factor in attending college, it does not have to be a barrier for good students since there are many scholarships and special funding for needy students. Getting the help of an expert in the college admission process can help parents and students save money, time and stress.

Listen to the entire interview What Parents and Students Must Know About Getting into College–Karen Grace Baker and share it with others who can benefit.

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