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Holiday Memories Can Boost Happiness Year-Round [Excerpt from Color Your Life Happy]

Ada and cabbage patch doll

Adrienne took her beloved doll everywhere. Shown here during a visit to her grandma.


When we think back to holiday memories, even ones that were frustrating at the time, we can boost our happiness year-round. Our memories soften and sweeten over the years and sometimes become precious keepsakes long after the material things have faded or disappeared.

In my book,  Color Your Life Happy: Create Your Unique Path and Claim the Joy You Deserve,” (now available on Amazon)  at the end of each chapter I share what I call happiness flashbacks.  Here is one of them.


I bought Christmas gifts and toys for my children all year round when things were on sale and available. Then I hid their toys in various places all over the house. One Christmas morning after the kids had opened their toys and were happily playing with them, I remembered I had neglected to put one toy under the tree.

Oh, no!

The Cabbage Patch doll my youngest wanted so much was still in the far back of my closet. How was I going to handle this and maintain the Santa Claus myth?

While the kids were busy playing away from the tree, I quickly retrieved the Cabbage Patch doll from her hiding place and put her under the tree, then placed other boxes and packaging around her.

Then I called out to my youngest. “Did you get everything from under the tree?”


“There still seems to be something under the tree—over there in the back.”

“No,” she said impatiently. “I got everything,”

“Come and take another look.”

“Okay.” She was clearly annoyed. She walked toward the tree and reached underneath, pushing aside the camouflage.

“How did this get here?” she cried out as she picked up the Cabbage Patch doll.

“I guess you just didn’t see it,” I replied, trying to look innocent.

She was so happy to get her doll that she didn’t care.

Can you think of a holiday memory from years past that makes you smile or laugh? Share it in the Comments.

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