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Holiday Memories are Worth Your Time and Energy

Baking holiday cookies 1983

Baking holiday cookies 1983

When my four children were young, I sometimes felt like a short order cook, especially as they grew up and began to have food preferences. Likewise, as their personalities and talents differentiated them, it was a challenge to keep daily activities on schedule, much less add the extra things that came with the holidays, but we did.

As my colleague, Gladys Anderson, of and I were preparing tips for reducing holiday stress, I thought back to some of the activities I enjoyed with my kids.

The catch with the holidays is that a new batch of tasks get added to your regular routine, with the potential of heightening anxiety and deepening stress.

In addition to regular homework, violin lessons, ballet and church, for example, now we had holiday programs, recitals and special services. Add to that the more than usual shopping for food and gifts, and preparation for holiday festivities, and it’s enough to make any sane person want to sit the holidays out.

But I’m very glad I didn’t. The time and energy was well worth it:

  • the annual making of the gingerbread house
  • baking decorative cookies and sharing with our neighbors,
  • making some handmade gifts
  • singing carols around the piano with my mom skillfully accompanying us
  • outings to see special events such as The Nutcracker Ballet.
  • Don’t get me wrong. We had our share of scrapes, disagreements and disappointments. But the warm holiday memories help sustain us through those times.

    What holiday memories stand out in your mind?

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