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Want to Achieve Your Goals? Keep Them to Yourself

Conventional wisdom says that we are pushed to achieve our goals by announcing them to the world.

Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby, disagrees. In the video above, he points out research that shows that telling someone our goals actually can work against our ever achieving them.

How is this so?

Once we tell our goal and it’s acknowledged by others, the mind is tricked into feeling that the goal is already done. This increases the likelihood that we won’t do the work necessary to reach the goal.

I agree with Derek to some extent. It has to do with who you tell. When we share our goals with someone who will hold us accountable, telling our goals is critical. Let’s say, in the case of hiring a coach.

A good coach is your partner in reaching your goal, and in fact, holds you accountable, may structure steps for you to take, and will kick your butt as necessary to ensure that you make regular progress toward it.

Telling your overweight girlfriend about your weight loss plans, on the other hand, may not work as well. Unless she joins you in going after the same goal for herself, she may consciously or unwittingly sabotage your efforts and support you in falling back on excuses. After all, when it’s not a goal she values there’s the danger that deep down she can’t support you either.

After watching Derek’s video, share what you think on this. What has been your experience in sharing your goal v.s. keeping it to yourself until it was completed? Leave your comments.