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Go Green for a Healthier Planet and Happier You on Earth Day and Beyond


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It was 44 years ago today that the first Earth Day took place. It wasn’t a federal holiday yet, but 21 million people concerned for our environment took part. Air pollution was only one of many concerns about the damage we were doing to our earth.

For Jadav “Molai” Payeng it wasn’t an Earth Day celebration that sparked his concern for the environment.  It was 1979 when at age 16 he noticed that a flood had washed ashore many snakes who died in the heat without tree cover.

Pained by this sight, Payeng approached the forest department about planting trees, but they said it couldn’t be done. Unconvinced, he began his life-long campaign of burying seeds near his home in Northern India. Now at age 47, Payeng can look out over his 1360 acre lush ecosytem, the Molai woods, that now protects birds, deer, rhinos, tigers and elephants.

We still celebrate Earth Day in ever expanding ways that help the earth but also make us happier with our lives.(See the video below to learn about the impact of urban green spaces on our well-being.)



There are endless ways you can help save the environment until you’re ready to plant a forest, throw out your TV or make your wedding dress out of bread bag clips.

Some of things you can do won’t dirty your hands or involve an insect diet.The idea is to make “green” a way of life and not just a once-a-year celebration.

Here are loads of ideas some of which are small and easy ways to get started.

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What do you do on a daily basis for the Earth ? Have you simplified or decluttered your life lately? What new ideas did you get from the ones shared here?

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