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Color Your Life Happy

Color Your Life Happy | Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D.

Create the Success, Abundance and Inner Joy You Deserve

Color Your Life Happy is not a one-size-fits-all approach since each of us experiences happiness in our way. It offers hope for those who feared that they would have to go through a major life overhaul to be happy. Without requiring that we get rid of personal flaws or fix weaknesses, it gives ways to build on our strengths to make the choices that lead to a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Color Your Life Happy is based on the premise that the average baby is born equipped to be happy and joyful. Depending on our upbringing and circumstances, as we grow up this inborn joy is developed and flourishes or is discouraged and buried. Color Your Life Happy makes the reader aware that this inner joy is within reach and is a matter of making choices. No major life overhaul is required to carry out the suggestions and activities offered to meet challenges and cope with the inevitable obstacles and adversity.


  • Chapter 1—Opening Your Mind 
    There are many ways to look at and approach becoming happier. You can choose the way you want.
  • Chapter 2—PreparingYour Mind
    Becoming happier is going to bring positive changes to your life. You will be warned what these are and how to get ready for them.
  • Chapter 3—Embracing Happiness
    You must get comfortable with happiness before you can have it.
  • Chapter 4—Making Happiness a Way of Life
    Discover the everyday things that will improve the quality of your life, deepen your joy and carry out your life purpose. Then bring happiness into your everyday presence.
  • Chapter 5—Simplifying Life
    Find joy in simple, everyday things
  • Chapter 6—Balancing Family and Work
    Set goals, priorities and manage your time so you can enjoy the family you love.
  • Chapter 7—Honoring the Leader Within
    Discover the qualities within you that make you a leader
  • Chapter 8—Handling Change and Bouncing Back from Adversity
    Learn to cope with change and recover from inevitable adversity
  • Chapter 9–Leaving a Legacy
    Leave behind your footprints in the sands of time

People are talking about Color Your Life Happy and here’s what they’re saying.

“Flora Morris Brown has covered four problems with happiness that should be a guideline for each and every one of us. Her book, ‘Color Your Life Happy’ is not about how you can buy happiness, win happiness or be given happiness. Happiness is within all of us and Flora has given us the basic tools to create our own, through a positive attitude, gratitude and close relations. The rest is up to you. A must read for helping turn your life around.”

Jim Edmundson, Author
‘BULLETS I’VE DODGED’ (and other fun I’ve had)

“In our society, Joy, one of the most basic emotions, seems both desirable and hard to attain. Flora Brown uniquely addresses how to uncover inner joy and enthusiastically provides creative tools to keep the reader craving more.”

Shannon S. Carlson, Author
How to Achieve Happiness and Inspire Integrity Within


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