Blog Disclosure

Man with magnifying glassWord has it that the Federal Trade Commission thinks that bloggers are making loads of money from blogging and they want us to ‘fess up as to the source of that income.

They also worry that bloggers may be influenced by money or freebies to endorse products or services without disclosing that money exchanged hands.

Boy! Have they been misinformed, at least in my case.

When I began the Color Your Life Happy blog, I didn’t even realize that you could earn money from blogging. I just wanted to share my ideas, tips, and advice about living a joyful, meaningful and fulfilling life.

To accomplish my goal I have shared not only my opinions and experiences, but also findings from research and news, as well as related videos of my own and from various sources.

The FTC’s primary concern is “freebies.” Since no one has given me any free products, trips, or services in exchange for writing about them, I’m in the clear on this one. No one has paid me to say something nice about them. Although I do on occasion express my opinion about this or that product, all I get in exchange is relief and satisfaction. You can’t bank that.

So how do I make money from this blog? Sadly, I don’t. At least not much. I have placed affiliate ads from Amazon and a few services and products that I think will benefit my readers, and exchange earn occasional commissions. But I will not be influenced by an affiliate or advertiser to write anything I don’t believe. I will never deceive my readers. The views and opinions you read here are mine.

Of course I encourage you to visit my author page at where they may buy my books,  but I don’t think the FTC cares about that.

My approach to blogging is to be authentic, transparent, informative and inspiring. In my efforts to offer accurate information I often delay my writing to research facts. My desire to offer content of value to my readers sometimes slows me from being more prolific.

I appreciate my readers and subscribers, and hope that what I share on this blog will be informative, helpful, encouraging and inspiring.