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Do More of What You Enjoy

Enjoying the typical tourist shot in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

It’s inevitable that as we get older, we will attend more funerals. There’s nothing that reminds us of our own mortality like watching our friends and contemporaries succumb to illnesses or die of natural causes. One of my friends uses funerals to remind herself to keep busy enjoying her life. “Every time I return from a funeral,” she says, “I book another cruise.”What do you enjoy?You may not long for cruises, but surely there’s something you’ve always wanted to do. If you don’t do it now, when are you going to do it?Maybe you’ve always wanted … [Continue reading…]

Be Willing to Do What It Takes to Reach Your Goal

Now this may sound too obvious even to mention, but it’s true. Many years ago, when my kids watched Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, an American children’s TV series that began in the 1960s, one of his … [Continue reading…]

What Happiness is Not [an excerpt from Color Your Life Happy, 2nd edition]


Happiness is not the absence of sadness. Quite the contrary. Happy people acknowledge sadness and allow themselves to feel it. They choose to not be crushed by it, but instead learn from it and move … [Continue reading…]

It’s Time to Get Your Happy On


Enjoy the trailer below, then pre-order your autographed copy of Color Your Life Happy at ColorYourLifeHappy.comSpecial price available ONLY until October … [Continue reading…]

Three Things Happy People Do and You Can Too [Excerpt from Color Your Life Happy, 2nd Edition]

canstockphoto26651056--welcoming friends

People who value their happiness commit to creating a loving environment. They do this by steering clear of toxic people and things.  In this excerpt from Chapter 7 of Color Your Life Happy: Create … [Continue reading…]