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4 Ways to Thrive as an Adult if You Survived Your Upbringing

Courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net/David Castillo Dominici

"The whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going." Anonymous We spend more time planning our dinner than we do planning our lives. That's a fact. Many of us live as if we're floating on a raft being tossed about by the currents of other people's opinions and agendas. But it's not entirely our fault. Many of us spent our childhoods being told what to do, being discouraged from expressing opinions, and even being told by the adults in our lives that our feelings and desires weren't real. As a matter of fact, … [Continue reading…]

Surprising Benefits of Setbacks


Imagine beams of sunshine pouring through your bedroom window awakening you. You unfold your arms into a satisfying stretch and throw back the sheets. You spring to your feet looking forward to a … [Continue reading…]

Get Unstuck


┬ęcanstockphoto,com/PalychNo matter how confident or successful you may feel, things will happen in your life that weaken your self-confidence. Perhaps you just got laid off You lost sight of … [Continue reading…]

Celebrate ‘Happiness Happens’ Month with a Smile, a Wave, a Good Deed and More

August is Happiness Happens Month, started by the Secret Society of Happy People in 1999. The group is no longer a secret since they boast over 46,000 "Likes" on Facebook. You can learn more about … [Continue reading…]

How Will You Celebrate ‘Color Your Life Happy Day’ on August 9th?

Many of us begin the year making resolutions, but within a few weeks we have forgotten our promises. If you stuck to your resolutions, it's probably because you kept your goals small … [Continue reading…]